Sunday 22 February 2015


One of the first things we did after the initial consultation with Allkauf was to start looking for land. We knew we wanted to move south to a village or small town within 1h driving to Stuttgart and my office and we were told there is land available in several location south of the A8 autobahn towards the northern Black Forest.

We looked at several village websites and on for available land and there was actually quite a few options.  Last week we did a driving tour around the various villages and it became clear that the further away from Stuttgart the cheaper the land and more picturesque the surrounding so finding the ideal location would be a balancing act between distance, price and scenery.

Calw had a lot of nice plots and we found a couple that we really liked but driving to work would be right on the 1h limit so we kept looking and after scouting out several options we came across Lehningen, part of the village of Tiefenbronn.  It is about 35 - 40m drive from my office and 20m from Steffi's.  It is up on a hill with great views and a completely new building area where multiple plots are being sold so planning permission is already granted.  After looking around the location we have decided it is ideal and it is now reserved for us and as soon as we have the financing sorted it's ours!

Here are some photos: has a link to a panorama photo

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