Wednesday 4 March 2015

All Systems Go

After the Sparda Bank saga we are back on track.  Our financial advisor said it's what he expected and we just move to plan B taking an advanced loan to refinance the mortgage when it expires in 3 years.  He was completely relaxed about it so we're feeling reassured and more positive again.

We received the official mortgage confirmation from Ing DiBa on Saturday and sent it to the Volksbank contact in charge of selling the land, she replied that she will instruct the notary to draw up the contract and send it to us, which could take a couple of weeks.

We also sent the same document to Allkauf as they need proof of financing too.  They commented on the phone that they were surprised how quickly things are moving with us but they were pretty quick responding as we received their reply in the post today confirming receipt so impressed with the service so far.

The next step is to wait for the land contract to come through and then go to the notary to sign.  Bizarrely here in Germany you can not sign a contract for land or property until two weeks after you receive the contract so we have to plan these weeks in to the timeline.  There are some strange laws over here... heard the one about not being allowed to wash your car on Sunday? No, really!


  1. Good News.....
    Do Sparda bank have to accept the confirmation of the follow on mortgage to release your equity, or is that likely to be the next problem now? They haven't proven themselves to be particularly flexible have they!

  2. Our advisor thinks they will release the equity but whether they have to legally I don't know. Would be a showstopper though.