Saturday 18 April 2015

Small Steps

We received a letter from the office of the mayor of Tiefenbronn (the town Lehningen is part of). All excited we opened it thinking it would be a "Welcome to Lehningen" type of letter outlining local services, etc. Opening it we talking about what a nice gesture it was and isn't it great to be moving somewhere the mayor's office welcome new residents.  However, the letter simply said that the town of Tiefenbronn is giving up its right of first choice to buy the land and that they will allow us to do so.  Oh, and for sending the letter we have to pay them €16!

Oh well, we shouldn't have expected anything else I suppose.

We also received an email today from our Allkauf sales person who has contacted the other families building an Allkauf house in Lehningen to see if we would all like to use the same groundworkers to dig the hole for all our cellars, thus getting a group discount.  It sounds like  good idea to us so we will definitely contact them to try to arrange this.  Great service from Allkauf again, we can't fault them at all.

Nothing much else has happened this past week.  We received an invoice from the notary and are waiting for the German tax office to send us the bill for the land tax, which we need to pay before the bank will issue payment to the people we bought the land from.  Considering we owe the tax office money I imagine this will happen fairly soon although we have to have paid by Thursday next week so in 5 days. We'll chase them on Monday I think.

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