Friday 22 May 2015

Ground Works Part 2

Our architect has provided us a list of tasks we should ask the groundworkers to do and with this we posted an ad for quotes for the work on myhammer (a site where you can request offers from builders, handymen, etc) a couple of weeks ago. Last Thursday we drove up to Lehningen to meet met up with the first groundworker that contacted us via the ad after he initially quoted a good price by email.  Once we were all there it conspired that he had actually initially only quoted for digging the hole but could do the remaining things like the outside wall insulation of the cellar or putting in the control shafts for the water for additional costs.  All together it would be far more expensive than a quote we already have from another company that quoted for everything we need.

That other company is local to the building site and we went to meet them on Wednesday morning to discuss their offer in detail.  They are a family run company and we met with the mother and son who were both friendly and answered all our questions.  They also gave us more details on the potential final costs as most are calculated per cubic meter making it hard to judge just how expensive the final bill will be.

With the additional information on potential m³ we could more or less calculate an actual cost.  In the best case scenario where we only have to dispose of a minimal amount of earth we would come in on budget, in the worst case we would end up 40% over our planned costs. This would be the case if most of what we dig up needs disposing of and new earth bringing in, and it does seem that the soil quality is not good enough to use to fill in the workspace around the cellar once it is complete.

The total costs will remain a mystery until we actually receive the bill though. We'll update you on the final outcome.

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