Friday 8 May 2015

Arrival of the Planning Application

On Tuesday we received a large envelope in the post from the architects office.  We opened it to find three copies of the planning application documents for the planning office, another one for us, and one for the Architect.  There was also a drainage plan (there seems to be an obsession here with drainage).  

We went through the documents and signed where required (at least 40 times... no, really) and on Thursday afternoon we drove to Tiefenbronn to hand them in to the town council planning department directly. Actually we first looked at their opening hours online and saw they were closed on Thursday afternoons but after calling them they agreed we could drop the plans in anyway.  This would probably not have been possible if we were moving to a large town. We're getting to like Tiefenbronn more and more.

We signed the copy for the Architect and put it in the post the same day. He will send this to Allkauf as the final plan so they can work out the total cost of the house.

Now it's a waiting game.

We took some photos of the other houses being built while in Tiefenbronn on Thursday, they are going up fast.

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