Tuesday 9 June 2015

Planning Permission Progress

On 29th May we received a call from the Planning Office in Tiefenbronn to let us know that the planning permission has been provisionally approved and we are now in the two week wait while the application is publicised and potential comments or complaints can be made.

She also let us know that the architect had sent her some amendments to help speed up the process (he also called us to let us know this was going to be submitted). Unfortunately the new documents also needed to be signed by us so she put them in the post and we received them the following day, signed them and sent them back so there would be no delay. All going well we should receive the final planning permission this Friday!

After reviewing a few different offers we have decided on a groundworks company local to Lehningen that was recommended to us by others building their house in Lehningen. They also prepared the entire building site so know the land well.

Soon we should finally be able to start building!

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