Tuesday 16 June 2015

Show Home and Garage

As the sampling day is this friday we drove up to the show home display in Fellbach (where we originally bought the house) on Sunday to look at some of the interior decorations of the show homes.  There are about 40 in total so we expected it to take a while!

As we were walking in we saw our Allkauf salesman and went over to say hello.  He immediately invited us for a coffee and a chat to see where we were up to with the build.  We explained the current situation and mentioned about the garage issue and the lack of clarity as to who will do what.  His wife immediately wrote an email to Allkauf central office about it and they said they would let us know what the outcome is.

We spent a couple of hours looking at various show homes (most of them in the obligatory white and grey style that is the current trend here), but there were a few designs and colour combinations we liked so we have some idea of what we would like to go for.

Shortly after arriving home (on Sunday afternoon) we had a call from the architect regarding the garage.  He said that we only need a foundation and that the cellar company should be able to do this for us directly so he will talk to then to arrange this.  We do have to pay for the foundations though but it isn't as much as an entire floor.

We're very happy with the service from Allkauf so far.  I hope they are as proactive and quick to resolve problems as we get to the more intensive building phase. Time will tell.

Here are a few colour combinations we like:

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