Sunday 12 July 2015

Cellar Schedule

Not much has happened since we chose the interiors, until a couple of days ago.  We worked out that we must now be over the four week period where people can submit complaints about the design of the house meaning the planning permission must now be approved, although we are yet to receive any official correspondence from Tiefenbronn to this effect.

On Friday we received an email from the cellar company with the dates when things are goiing to happen, this is the first time we actually have something in black and white so we were very excited. Here are the plans:
  • 30th July: The ground work needs to be complete (the hole for the cellar)
  • 31st July: Measuring and marking of the cellar floor
  • 3rd August: Laying the cellar floor 
  • 7th August: Poring concrete for cellar floor
  • 10th - 11th August: Building the cellar
  • 12th August: Waterproofing
  • 17th August: Placing insulation around the cellar
  • 18th August: Planned for any additional work
  • 25th August: Laying garage foundations
On the 10th and 11th we have to arrange for the road to be closed outside the house as they need to build a crane on the street.  We also have to arrange the signage for this so hopefully the ground workers will have some we can use.

Other things we need to have on site are electricity and water, and a portaloo for the workers. We have already arranged these with local companies.

We drove up to Lehningen today to see how the other builds are coming along, there are now more or less three and a half housed standing with foundations for another two and a hole for a cellar for one more.  You can view it here: Heimerwegwiesen 12.07.2015

On Monday we will call around to the various providers to make sure everyone is aware of the time plan.

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