Saturday 25 July 2015

Digging Continues

On our way back from choosing the kitchen we stopped in Lehningen to see that the ground workers have progressed well with the dig.  There is still some earth to remove in one of the back corners but most of the earth is out and the gravel for under the cellar floor is partially down.  We think they will only need one more day to complete this, and then all is set for the cellar in a couple of weeks.

There was not much earth on site so we assume they have taken this away, which adds to the price.  Hopefully there is still enough left to raise the ground level of the rest of the site to road hight.

The board for the electricity is installed, as is a makeshift fence, although this is not what we expected considering we paid extra for a fence so we hope there will be a proper fence set up on Monday.

Here are the latest photos:

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