Friday 24 July 2015

First Day's Digging

Since we received the dates for the cellar build two weeks ago we've been in touch with all the different companies involved to ensure they are informed that the building will begin shortly and when we require each of their services.

One of these was the electrician providing the site electricity supply box. A few days ago we found out that he is about to go on holiday so we were a bit worried we would end up having to find an alternative. Luckily we found out that he took the box up to the site yesterday night so that's made life easier for us.

Now we just need to install the wooden board they attach the cabling to.  Fortunately our ground worker agreed to provide this.  The electricity company (EnBW) should go out there next week to connect everything up (hopefully). During the discussion with the ground worker we found out his team have started digging!

Obviously this is exciting news so we decided to drive over to Lehningen to see how far they've got and to make sure they are digging in the right spot! Coincidentally our new neighbours (also building with Allkauf) were there to inspect their new cellar so we had a chat, discussed the building process and exchanged some advice.

We took some photos of the first days digging, added below.

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