Saturday 25 July 2015

Kitchen Planning

As mentioned in a previous post, a basic kitchen is included in the price of the house including an L form of cupboard units plus fridge, hob, dishwasher, extractor fan, and oven. As they are all the very basic units, Impuls, the company providing the kitchen, invited us to their factory showroom to do some customisations.

Today was the big day, we drove for almost 6 hours (with some nappy changing and feeding breaks) up to the Impuls factory in Brilon.

Once in the showroom we had a good 20 minutes to look around. There were around 8 show kitchens in various styles along with some examples of the electrical appliances.  We were then greeted by our Impuls sales person who looked over the plans and quickly began entering the room dimensions in to his computer.  We could watch the room appear live on a big screen behind him.

Once the basic measurements were in the system he asked what our ideas are. We explained we wanted a U form with the hob looking in to the living room and he quickly produced a basic outline of the shape and where items like the fridge and sink would go, which matched our own plans almost exactly. We decided not to have a built in fridge-freezer combination but instead to opt for a free standing fridge. As Impuls don't supply these he removed this and entered a fridge "placeholder" in the plan. We could then use the cost of the fridge towards other parts of the kitchen.

After much planning and swapping of cupboards we finally had it, our kitchen plan.  There were many extras including a built in microwave, upgraded induction hob and better oven than the basic version included. All of which, along with the many additional cupboards, add to the cost. 

It was at this point he gave us the price, which was actually much less than we expected. Despite this we wanted to see what the individual electrical appliances cost as they seem generally to be extremely expensive when bought from a kitchen supplier, and they were! After brief deliberations we sat him to remove the oven and hob as we can buy much better ones for the same price online or even at IKEA. This was no problem and he removed these, reducing the price of the whole kitchen by around 25% on recalculation.

We are very happy with the result and with the Impuls salesman who was extremely helpful, patient, and in no way pushy at all, so many thanks to him.

Below are plans and photos of some of the items we chose.

The colour-scheme, left, and tap, top right

Extractor and (similar) hob combination

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