Wednesday 29 July 2015

Landscape Gardener & More Digging

Yesterday we arranged to meet with a landscape gardener at the plot in Heimerwegwiesen, Lehningen, to take measurements and discuss our requirements for the main parts of the garden such as driveway, paths and patio.  He will now go away and provide us a quote for the work.

On arrival at the plot there was still ground work going on to expose the utility cables and pipes. They had to dig a good 3 meters down to get to the sewage pipe connector! The remainder of the hole for the cellar was finished and the bottom layer of gravel laid and flattened ready for the foundation slab which will be bade of reinforced concrete.  There are no foundations to this, it simply sits on the gravel layer and the cellar and house are built on top.  

The ground workers also set up the wooden boards in the hole required by the surveyor to mark exactly where the foundation slab should go, plus they have poured gravel on part of the garden where the crane will stand to ensure the ground is stable.

We also saw the plumber had been to fit the tap on the big water pipe that is required for the cellar builders.  All-in-all a lot of progress!

Here are the latest photos of work so far:

Tap fitted

Finished cellar hole with wooden boards set up for the surveyor

Gravel for the crane

3m deep hole to expose pipes

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