Thursday 13 August 2015

Cellar - Day 4

We had an appointment in Heimerwegwiesen at 8:30 this morning with our Allkauf site manager so excitedly drove up to Lehningen to see our (almost) completed cellar.

On arrival the cellar builders were already there adding the waterproof sealing that ensures all the joints are watertight.  We also saw the insulation panels and light shafts for the windows had been delivered. As the Allkauf site manager was busy doing some measuring and the concrete was set, we took the opportunity to take our first steps in (on) to our new house!

Here you can see the insulation panels and plastic light shafts ready for installation in the background:

And the black waterproofing on the joints:

We could also go down in to the cellar to get a feel of the size and layout. This will be our hobby room:

Here is the smaller equipment room where the heating and electricity fuse box will be. You can see the hole in the wall pre-cast ready for the pipes and cables:

It was well over 30 degrees in the cellar and still very damp so it wasn't pleasant to stay in there long but good to get a first impression.

Once the tour was over we met with the site manager who ran through the handover protocol which we had to sign to say we were happy with the cellar.  He also informed us we will need to order a larger crane than the planned 30t rig for the house build as they would need to position it on the same street used by the cellar builder's crane.  This means the house segments have to be lifted further and higher (over the roof of the house) so we need a 40t crane. This will cost about €400 more and is not covered by Allkauf.

The builders are taking a day off tomorrow but will be back next week to finish things off, then we have to start organising the next steps like placing the ring earthing electrode, connecting up the utilities and filling in the earth around the cellar.

Still lots to do but we're feeling very pleased we've reached this stage so successfully and without any major snags.

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