Friday 21 August 2015

Cellar Progress

We have made some progress in sorting out the cellar this week.  The first positive step was that we organised for the sludge to be removed from around the outside of the cellar. This was vital as for the ring earth electrode, drainage and insulation we need access to the outside of the cellar. It only took a few hours and cost a few hundred euros.  The same troop also covered the hole in the roof with boards so they are flush with the roof of the cellar. This is a requirement of Allkauf for health and safety reasons.

We were on site today and progress was good, the ring earth electrode has been laid and the cellar is clad with insulation. You can see both in the pictures below:

Inside, the water level has dropped further revealing the extent of the sludge that needs removing. After looking through our documents we think we are insured for flooding of the cellar during the build so have put in a claim. We are waiting for the insurance company to get back to us but have already found a company to clean out all remaining the mud and water. They are the same company that will be working on the house once built, laying tiles, installing the bathroom suite and wallpapering/painting. They can come out next week to clean the cellar and we can hopefully send the invoice to the insurance company. We will take a risk with this as we want to get the mud and sludge out as soon as possible.

Here's how the sludge is looking today:

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