Friday 28 August 2015

Slow Progress and More Mud

Not much has happened this week.  On Tuesday we met with the ground work company on site to discuss next steps.

Once we arrived we could see the site had flooded again although not as badly as the first time. There was less sludge in the hole around the cellar this time although it will still need removing again.

The main issue was the insulation had come away around the base of the cellar so we will now need to stick it all back on again. You can see this in the below photos.

Good news is that the light shafts for the windows are on so the cellar (other than being full of mud and missing some insulation) is finished!

 We agreed with the ground worker on the following steps:

  1. On Friday (as in today) they will dig out the sludge and lay the drainage pipes.
  2. They will organise the connection dates with the water, gas and electricity companies (after we passed on the details and received quotes)
  3. Next Monday they will dig a second shaft in front of the house. This should act as a soak-away to direct rain water away from the house and will be able to have a pump placed in it to remove any standing water.
  4. On Monday they will continue laying the drainage and start filling the cellar hole with gravel.  We can't fill it with the clay they dug out as it settles over time and will potentially not be safe for the scaffolding required to build the house, or any good under a driveway as it will sink further.
  5. By the end of next week they plan to have finished and have all utilities connected up in to the cellar.

The other big task is cleaning the mud out of the cellar.  This will be done next week too.   We sent a clame for the floodded cellar to the insurance company but they have refused to pay!  They say that the weather was normal so we should have planned for it.

Just to be clear, it rained 24 litres per m2.  The insurers say that this has happened 6 times in the past 10 years in the region and therefore is normal!  For us, normal weather would be something you could measure by how many times it happened per year, not decade, so we will fight this.  Not that we really have the energy or time to but we can't let them get away with that.

We will go up to Lehningen tomorrow to see how things have progressed.

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