Thursday 3 September 2015

Mains Connections

This evening we could park the car on our land for the first time!

The ground work is coming along nicely, there is a layer of gravel where the driveway will be and the hole around almost the whole cellar is now filled.

The Gas, water and telephone companies have also been and connected up the mains in to the cellar.  Strangely they didn't use the pre-cast hole at the side of the house but drilled a completely new hole. They might have done this as it will save us the cost of longer pipes and cables around the house (about 5m saved). The other reason could be because the protective foil covered the existing hole and they simply didn't see it. If the ground workers were on a break when the electrician arrived he may well have just got on with drilling a hole from the outside and only noticed the existing hole once in the cellar (I hope he brought wellies with him because it's still full of sludge!).

Whatever the reason, we now have a 20x20cm hole in the cellar wall to fill. It will be interesting to see if the savings on the cables and pipes covers the cost of the new hole and filling in the existing one.

Here you can see the utilities in the cellar and the hole they were supposed to come through.

And the sludge is still there, due to be pumped out on Saturday.

Here are the utilities all connected up.

And the area for the garage.

Part of the driveway.

Still some more to do, hopefully with mud rather than gravel.

And at the back not much left to fill.

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