Tuesday 6 October 2015

A Clean and Dry Cellar

It's been a slow few weeks, things are almost at a standstill while we wait for the house to come on 20th.

The weekend before last we went out to the site in Lehningen armed with a brand new jet-washer and a pump.  The plan was to see how the cellar is drying out after the sludge was removed and to wash the rest of the mud from the walls.

Unfortunately there was still about 1cm of water in most areas that was not too muddy but still stopping the cellar from drying out properly. We decided we would use the pressure washer to clean up the walls and floor from the remaining mud and then use the pump to remove the water.

All went well in the first room and the walls cleaned up nicely although they will forever be stained red with from the clay. The pump was one that can remove all water down to 3mm so we put it in the water, turned it on and... nothing happened.  It was humming and gurgling but no water was being pumped. It turns out the pump can remove water down to 3mm but to get started it needs to be in water at least 20cm deep!  Obviously we didn't want to fill the cellar with water again so we had to move to plan B.

Unfortunately plan B involved a mop and a bucket which we also bought on the way "just in case"! Steffi then left me on site while she went shopping and ran some errands.

To cut a long and rather dull story short, 6 hours later when she picked me up I had just about finished mopping and there was no more standing water in the cellar. I'd even managed to jet-wash the other two smaller rooms and mop up the excess water too.  Unfortunately it was dark by this point so I couldn't take any photos but we returned last weekend to see how it was looking in daylight and were very happy to see it was completely dry and clean.

Here are the photos from last weekend:

 Large hobby room from both ends (above and below). The walls still need washing in here.

The hall:

The technical room with new telecom junction box:

Looking from the technical room in to the hall and hobby room:

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