Monday 19 October 2015

All Set for the House Build

Tomorrow's the big day, we need to be on site at 6am as the builders are booked from then. Not easy with a seven month old baby but it's going to be worth it I'm sure.

We went up to the site in Lehningen today to check the skip was delivered and placed in the right spot. We has a bit of drama this morning when the skip lorry driver called us at 8am asking where we are and where our plot is. It seems he wasn't told the plan he should call us to make an appointment or given the map we drew up marking the delivery location.  After a call to the skip company's HQ it was all sorted out and the skip is more or less in the right place, although probably a bit too close to the house. We assume the crane tomorrow can be used to move it if required so are not worried about it.

Also on site we saw that the roof tiles have been delivered. They are a bit more orange than we remember but still look ok.

Unfortunately we don't know exactly how many builders, drivers, etc. there will be but we'll pick up some pretzels and rolls on the way in the morning and we have some "fleischkaese" (German meatloaf) to bake tonight and take with us too.  We'll also take our coffee machine and some paper cups to keep them (and us) happy!

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