Tuesday 27 October 2015

Electrician Appointment

We met the Electricians appointed by Allkauf at 9am today in Heimerwegwiesen. We walked through each room of the house outlining what we wanted with regards to the power, phone and TV. Most of the planning we had done in advance was doable but there were a few points we hadn't thought about such as where to place the thermostats for the underfloor heating.

We were pleased to find out there were more sockets included than described in the paperwork we had from Allkauf. We also had the TV coaxial cables included to each room although not to the satellite dish (I will connect this up myself).

We did need a few extras:

- Thicker cables to the washing machine and tumble dryer  as they will be in the same room so need separate cables to avoid tripping the fuse.
- An earth cable for the satellite dish (in case it is struck by lightning)
- An extra cable for the TV in the living room as we have a dual tuner satellite receiver
- Cables for an outside light over the patio.

These came to around €300 in total we would need to pay. The rest is covered by Allkauf of course.

We were asked to come back tomorrow to sign off on the work.

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