Wednesday 21 October 2015

House Build - Day 2

Today we arrived on site around 8:30am. The builders were already hard at work preparing the roof and fixing the internal walls.  When we left yesterday the roof rafters were up but this morning when we arrived the outer planks were on the roof at the front and parts of the back ready for the tiles.

There wasn't so much to see from the outside in the morning as most work was going on inside.

After lunch the tiling of the roof started. The builders had a brilliant system that meant three people could tile the entire front of the roof in around 45 minutes! One builder stood inside and passed out tiles two at a time through a hole in the roof, then the next builder would take these and literally throw them (still two) to the next guy who caught them and put them in place. They were amazingly quick to the point that the guy placing the tiles could complete two and turn to catch the next two at the same speed as the others needed to get the tiles to him. Amazing to watch!

The tiling at the back was much more complicated due to the extension. They needed to cut tiles and place extra waterproofing here and this took them most of the afternoon meaning they didn't finish laying the tiles until well after dark.

When we left at around 7pm they had about a quarter of the roof left to do.

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