Tuesday 6 October 2015

Interior Project Plan

Hurray, we received our project plan for the interior building work and utilities from the company commissioned by Allkauf to carry out the work. Here's how it breaks down:

20th - 23rd October
House build

26th - 30th October
Electrical cabling

30th October
Delivery of packet 1 from Allkauf with the building material needed for the basics (plasterboard, foil, tape, etc.) plus the boiler and other items for the heating.

2nd November
Delivery of more building material and start of interior finishing

16th - 19th November
Delivery and fitting of the stairs to the cellar and 1st floor

23rd November
Plumbing and drainage pipe fitting

30th November
Start of heating installation (underfloor on the ground floor and radiators on 1st floor and in the cellar.

Week commencing 7th December
Scree spreading (takes 6 weeks to completely dry but can be walked on after a few days)

Week commencing 14th December
Final electrical installation (socket, lights, switches, etc)
Turning on the heating

There is a note at the bottom of the plan that says all dates are subject to change... let's see how things progress!

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