Monday 26 October 2015

Rendering the Walls

Today our house walls were rendered.  We were on site this afternoon to see how they were getting on and to plan for the electrician who is coming tomorrow to cable up the house.

When we arrived they had completed about half the house already and it looked much better in the bright white render rather than the creamy coloured plaster. We did try to talk to them to see when they would finish but they spoke little German and no English making communication tricky although they were friendly enough.

We spent most of the afternoon sticking post-it notes on the walls where we wanted light switches, plug sockets, TV connectors, etc.. We decided it would be a good idea to plan this before the electrician appointment tomorrow.

By the time we had finished the planning it was getting dark but the rendering was still not quite finished on the rear bay extension.  We told the guys we had to leave (we needed to get Sophie home, fed and in bed).  The guys wanted us to sign-off on the render before we left but after the experience with the site manager from Allkauf and the fact we found issues after signing for the house, this time we refused and said they should send us the forms and we will sign them once we have had a chance to inspect the work.

When we left it looked pretty good.  Here's our new shiny white rendered house:

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