Monday 2 November 2015

DIY Cabling

On Sunday Joe and I headed up to Heimerwegwiesen to lay some additional cables in the house. As the electrician wanted an extortionate amount for laying the cables to the satellite dish I decided we could do this ourselves. It didn't take long as we just had to measure out eight lengths of cable then bundle them together and poke one end outside under the wall, which was not yet sealed. We then left the other end taped together and hung next to the internal TV cables where we plan to put the sat TV multi-switch.

I also bought 100m of Ethernet cable with the plan to run cables in to the living room and downstairs office but with so much cable we decided to wire up all the rooms in the end.

Along with the Ethernet cable I bought 30m of speaker wire to run cables to the four corners of the living room for a surround sound system.  Unfortunately as we couldn't manage to nail in wire holders to the concrete floor to run the cables directly from the fromnt to the back of the livingroom so we had to run them parallel to the electric cables that went a long way round the room.  This meant we were about a meter short of  cable so had to literally cut a couple of corners to make it work.

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