Thursday 3 December 2015

Allkauf and Moebau Inflexibility

We decided fairly soon after the house was built that we wanted to plaster the walls rather than put up wood-chip wallpaper (fairly standard in Germany). We already agreed this with the contractors that will complete the final renovation and called Moebau, the company contracted by Allkauf to deliver the hardware, to request this. They informed us they don't have the plaster so can't deliver this, and we can not remove the wood-chip wallpaper from the delivery.

We accepted the fact they don't deliver the plaster so we will have to buy this ourselves but called up our Allkauf contact to remove the wallpaper from the delivery so we don't pay for wallpaper for the whole house that we don't need.  They said from their side this is fine but we need to arrange this ourselves with Moebau.

We once again wrote to Moebau to request they remove the wallpaper and stated Allkauf were ok with this but again they send a no nonsense reply basically saying our order is final and we may not now make changes (despite the fact it won't be delivered for another 6 - 8 weeks).

Poor show Moebau and poor show Allkauf - we are paying you for the goods so why can't you deal with Moebau directly and have this removed? What are we supposed to do with Wallpaper for a whole house we don't need?

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