Friday 11 December 2015

Screed and Garage

This week the screed was laid. We had an appointment with the manager of the contractors sent to do the work at the end of last week. We told him we don't want screed laid where the bath and showers will go so we can set them lower in to the floor making it easier to get in and out.  He told us to measure out the areas and mark them by placing wood or similar around the edge or where the screed should end. We went up to Lehningen to do this on Sunday and hopefully measured it all correctly.

The main work started on Tuedsday. We assumed it would be similar to pouring concrete and come pre-mixed on a lorry to be pumped in, but it wasn't like that at all.  The guys had a delivery of sand dumped on our driveway and mixed the screed on site. (Annoyingly they didn't ask where the sand should go and the garage is due this week, but with a huge pile of sand now in front of where the garage will go we were worried we might have to postpone delivery of this. We talked to the contractors who assured us it would all be gone before the garage comes on Thursday Morning.)

The mixed screed was fairly solid and could be moulded in to shape. They used a wooden plank to flatten the top.

By the end of Tuesday the first floor was finished and half of the cellar and ground floor.

By late Wednesday afternoon they had finished the whole house.  We also had a call from the guy delivering the garage late afternoon to say he is ahead of schedule and can deliver the garage in about an hour.  Steffi drove back out to Lehningen to meet him, hoping the sand was all gone, which fortunately it mostly was, so the garage was delivered. The foundations were not quite in the right place but were close enough, fortunately.

The Garage:

The screed:

These photos were taken earlier today. We are able to now walk on the screed without leaving marks but it will take a month to dry completely. We are supposed to ventilate the house three times a day for a month.  I'm not sure how that will work but we will try to get out at least once per day to give the place an airing.

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