Friday 20 May 2016

Garden Part 5 - Plants and Fence

The plants have arrived. We have been out with the gardeners to look where they suggest they go.

Out the front we want a tree to give some privacy through the front door window and out the back we want a natural looking hedge that will eventually hide the ugly (but necessary) fence.

As we are located within the Black Forrest Nature Park area we are advised (in the contract back when we bought the plot) what plants we should plant to ensure it fits in to the local environment so we have tried to follow this as much as we can, with a few exceptions.

As the road next to the house goes downhill our garden becomes more raised the further back it goes. Rather than using stones to support the raised garden all the way along we decided to use plants to cover this so it will eventually not be noticeable from the road that the garden is raised at all.  The fence is set in to the garden by about a meter so the slope is outside the fenced part.

1 comment:

  1. If you really want your garden to appear to stretch for miles, go with green hues that will blend into the surrounding foliage.