Friday 30 October 2015

First Allkauf Expansion Pack

At 5pm yesterday as we were on our way back from Lehningen to meet friends for dinner when we received a call from the delivery lorry driver saying he would be on site in about half an hour.  This was a surprise as he was supposed to come today. We told him there was no chance we could get back out to Lehningen yesterday evening but fortunately this was no problem for him as he needed to stop for the night anyway.  He wanted to get an early start in the morning though so he asked that we meet him on site in Heimerwegwiesen this morning at 7am. Not easy with a little one but there were no other options so after a very early start and trying not to wake the baby we made our way over to Lehningen to meet him.

As we arrived the lorry was there waiting and the driver was opening up the sides ready to offload with the mini-forklift mounted on the back of the trailer.

After a brief discussion as to where he should put everything he got started, promptly unloading five pallets of plaster boards and one long pallet of wooden beams topped with tools, containers full of various liquids, a loft hatch, plastic sheeting, and the tools required to fit them all.

Allkauf only deliver to the outside of the house so we had to carry in the valuable items that are easy to move but we left the wood and plasterboards outside as there was no way we could move them all by ourselves. Fortunately the weather is supposed to be good for the next few days so we hope they wont get too wet.

It only took the driver about 30 minutes to unload everything and within an hour he was gone, leaving us with a garden and living room full of building material.

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